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Posted by Josh Perro on November 30, 2023 | Last Updated: January 15, 2024 Uncategorized

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Statement Flowers for Men

Everyone loves receiving flowers, a fact supported by scientific research, transcending gender, background, and age. According to science, they boost our happiness, support well-being, and strengthen connections with loved ones. Fresh flowers also transform indoor spaces into inviting settings that encourage gatherings and meaningful interactions. Combined with the nostalgia many feel for blooms they loved growing up, there’s ample reason to surprise your partner with an arrangement this Valentine’s Day. At Perro’s Flowers in Worcester, Massachusetts, we’re here to guide you in choosing the perfect arrangement for your partner because flowers are a gift every man deserves.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a fun and popular pick for Valentine’s Day bouquets due to their impressive variety of colors, including bright reds, radiant yellows, and inviting oranges. With such a diverse palette, you can use color symbolism to send a loving message, or choose a shade you know he already loves. Additionally, these daisies played a significant role in a study that revealed the ability of flowers to boost men’s communication skills; they enhanced their body language and made their eye contact more engaging.


Anthuriums are widely recognized for their hardiness, making them a sturdy and enduring choice for floral designs. Their capacity to remain vibrant and fresh symbolizes the lasting nature of your partnership as you journey together as a team. Anthuriums are an excellent addition to Valentine’s Day bouquets, boasting bright colors ranging from pretty pink, pale ivory, and bold crimson, classic shades for this intimate holiday. Complemented by their graceful heart shape, anthuriums clearly communicate, “I love you.”

Birds of Paradise

If you want to incorporate the spirit of adventure into your partner’s bouquet on Valentine’s Day, the bird of paradise is an excellent choice. While the flower is somewhat unconventional in some arrangements, its lively energy will resonate with him, especially if he has a penchant for thinking beyond the ordinary. Additionally, the tropical origins of the bird of paradise and its vivid orange, yellow, and purple colors appeal to many men’s sensibilities. In essence, these untamed blossoms are irresistible, infusing floral designs with warmth and joy.

Red Roses

There are numerous reasons why roses, especially red ones, rank as some of the most adored flowers worldwide. They have a timeless connection to romance, with a history that spans centuries, if not thousands of years. Red roses are also a meaningful way to express heartfelt admiration, gratitude, and profound respect for your significant other. Their plentiful petals and fresh fragrances render them inspiring to artists, making them popular in their work. When you combine all these aspects, it becomes evident why surprising the man you love with red roses as a Valentine’s Day gift is a fantastic choice.


Orchids are known for having a calming influence — particularly the white varieties — but there are so many more to choose from. There are thousands of these tropical flowers, differing in shade, size, shape, and pattern. You can select a single type of orchid or use several to craft a unique message via color meaning and flower symbolism. While we recommend red blooms for your significant other’s Valentine’s Day arrangement to express passion and romance, all orchids possess beauty and significance.

Flowers are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for men, symbolizing love, happiness, and gratitude for your bond. They also bring bright colors and pleasant fragrances into his space. At Perro’s Flowers, we’re ready to assist you in selecting a design that will leave a lasting impression.

60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of blooms