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Posted by Josh Perro on February 16, 2024 Uncategorized

How to Make the Most of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is upon us! If you’re asking yourself how to slay on this day, it’s all about your style and what’s giving you life. Whether you’re doing the work locally or going more global with your celebration, both have merit. At Perro’s Flowers in Worcester, Massachusetts, we’re all about using fresh blooms to thank the queens and allies who always understand the assignment. It’s a solid nod to IWD’s mission, which seeks to give back to those making their communities richer. But there’s more than one way to make a mark on this holiday, depending on how you roll.

Organize a Fundraiser

When you’re celebrating International Women’s Day, raising funds is the move that goes the extra mile. Whether you’re repping STEM education for girls, fighting for gender equality, or stanning NGOs with a global impact, fundraising is your superpower. Your cash can make a difference and support organizations that uplift women and allies — and we’re all about that glow-up! Speaking of glow-ups, floral arrangements are the way to go when decorating event venues for your fundraiser. Not only do they make the vibe elegant, but they also make perfect gifts for your attendees.

Host a Party

International Women’s Day is all about spreading the love, but enjoying yourself is also a priority, so gather your BFFs and have a party. It’s perfect for chilling, laughing, and vibing with your friends, as well as a chance to do them a solid and introduce them to each other – a W for everyone. Make the gathering focus on all the solid gains everyone’s made in the last year, or highlight an international issue that deserves some shine. Put on music that slaps, serve delicious snacks, and add elegance with fresh vases of colorful flowers.

Gather For a Meaningful Meal

Get together with your friends and have a meal together to celebrate International Women’s Day the right way. Find a spot owned and run by incredible women and their allies, where the cash you spend supports their hustle. It’s all about shouting out your local female entrepreneurs and helping them make stacks. Whether you’re enjoying weekend brunch, grinding through a power lunch, or attending a fancy dinner, you’re soaking in that good energy while enjoying delicious food — and we’re so here for that on IWD.

Set Personal Goals

Take a hot minute on International Women’s Day to focus on yourself by setting personal goals. Sit down, think about what’s mid in your life, and figure out how to level up. Whether it’s a job that pays better or a personal thing, the world is yours to conquer, queen. Maybe it’s time to put self-care first and make yourself the entire priority. So feel good about improving your health and living your best possible life. When you stay on top of your goals and know your true worth, that’s straight fire.

Send Flowers

Sending someone you love and respect a fragrant flower arrangement is a legit way to show appreciation. They make any space super elegant and put a smile on anyone’s face. Plus, science says they straight-up boost your mood. So, on International Women’s Day, deliver a bouquet to the door of your ride-or-dies. Whether it’s your BFFs from day one, your allies who never have trouble understanding the assignment, or your family members who know you best, show them how much they mean to you — and we’re all about that flex on IWD.

It’s International Women’s Day, so it’s time to celebrate the incredible women and allies who inspire us. Whether you’re brunching, gathering for a purpose, or brightening someone’s day with fresh flowers, make it a day that’s on point. And for the perfect blooms, Perro’s Flowers has your back.

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