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Posted by Josh Perro on May 5, 2023 | Last Updated: August 30, 2023 Uncategorized

The Best Blooms for Welcoming Arriving Travelers

After a long day of traveling, there’s nothing better than being greeted by a thoughtful bouquet of fresh flowers. Not only does it say “welcome” and “thank you for coming,” but it’s also a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. At Perro’s Flowers, we believe that presenting someone with blooms at the airport is a timeless tradition that has evolved into an art form. Whether you want to make them smile or feel loved and appreciated, we have some creative ways to surprise your loved ones with nature’s beauty.

Creative Ways to Surprise Loved Ones with Flowers

Present Flowers at the Airport

If you want to create a memorable experience that your loved ones will treasure, there’s nothing better than presenting them with a lovely bouquet of blooms as soon as they land. With our wide selection of blossoms, you can choose the perfect bouquet to suit their personality and style. For an added touch of humor, consider holding a funny, homemade sign along with their flowers to make them smile and giggle as you greet them.

Spruce Up Your Car

If you’re concerned about navigating the airport while juggling bouquets and bags, why not spruce up the inside of your car instead? You can display flowers in the cupholder and add a card or local snacks on the front seat to make them feel welcomed and relaxed after their trip. As you load their suitcases into the backseat or trunk, they’ll be met with a thoughtful gesture up front.

Decorate Your Home

For a classic and luxurious greeting, nothing beats a lush bouquet of flowers with their name on it waiting for them as soon as they open the door to your home. You can even include a welcome banner or dress up your pets for an additional element of fun and surprise.

Tease with a Single Stem

If you want to give them a sweet greeting without the hassle of juggling multiple bouquets, consider presenting them with a single stem at the airport. Then, as you arrive home, the remainder of their bouquet will be patiently awaiting in a beautiful vase of fresh water.

Design a Flower Scavenger Hunt

For a unique and entertaining way to greet your guests, why not design a flower scavenger hunt? You can greet them at the airport with a single bloom, then present them with another in the car, followed by a small bunch as they walk through the door to your home, and finally, a full bouquet over lunch or dinner. As each flower is presented, you can tie a note with a series of riddles, pieces of an itinerary for their visit, or parts of a sentence for them to piece together at the end.

Dress Up the Dinner Table

For guests arriving close to mealtime, a beautiful centerpiece made of fresh flowers is a classic and luxurious way to give them a proper welcome. You can include a card near the centerpiece so they know the beautiful bouquet is for them; complete the meal with their favorite local foods or introduce them to something new and delicious.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

For an added touch of elegance and cheer, you can display a bouquet of fresh flowers in their guest room. This is a thoughtful way to welcome your guests while ensuring the flowers last throughout the duration of their visit. You can even include a short welcome note with suggestions of places to explore around the town.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

If your loved ones are arriving late at night or are exhausted from their travels, it may be best to arrange a surprise floral delivery for the next morning. This way, everyone can admire the blooms over tea, coffee, and breakfast and wake up to the sight of their favorite blooms in a more impactful way.

At Perro’s Flowers, we have a wide selection of colorful floral bouquets to choose from, so you can find the perfect way to greet your loved ones. So next time you are looking for a way to welcome some visitors, get the best blooms in Worcester here at Perro’s.