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Posted by Josh Perro on May 5, 2023 | Last Updated: August 30, 2023 Uncategorized

Tips For Sending Encouraging Flowers To The Hospital

Sending flowers to someone in the hospital can be a wonderful way to show them that you care and to lift their spirits during a difficult time. As the premier florist in Worcester, MA, we at Perro’s Flowers understand the importance of choosing the right blooms and coordinating a seamless delivery.

We will assist you in selecting the perfect flowers to express your care, love, and support while also providing advice on which ones to avoid. Furthermore, our team will provide insider tips for coordinating special floral deliveries to hospitals in the South Shore area. Here are our top tips for sending flowers to someone in the hospital:

The Tradition of Sending Flowers

The act of sending flowers and bouquets to express emotion or a heartfelt sentiment began in England during the Victorian Age. As people seldom vocalized their feelings, they turned to the symbolism of flowers to do the talking for them. For instance, orange roses signify optimism, while peonies represent bashfulness and beauty. Communicating with loved ones through flowers continues today, and cheering someone up or giving them strength during their hospital say is one of the most common and thoughtful ways to send sweet and sincere messages.

How to Choose the Best Flowers to Send

When choosing flowers for a hospital delivery, it’s important to keep in mind that some may be too fragrant or high in pollen, which can irritate patients, nurses, and doctors. Stick with low-pollen, low-fragrance blooms like tulips, daisies, or carnations. You can also choose from flowers that symbolize hope, healing, and strength, such as sunflowers, daffodils, or orchids.


Colorful Roses





Tips to Keep in Mind When Sending Flowers

When deciding what to get, consider the size of the arrangement. Opt for a small bouquet to avoid overwhelming the recipient and taking up too much space in their hospital room. It’s also advisable to steer clear of glass vases or containers, as they can pose a safety hazard if they break. A plastic or metal container is a safer and more practical choice. Additionally, choose brightly colored blossoms to add some cheer to the hospital room and promote healing.

Once you’ve chosen your flowers, the next step is to coordinate delivery to the hospital. Call ahead to ensure that the hospital accepts floral deliveries and that your loved one can receive them in their room. Find out the hospital’s preferred delivery times and days, and make sure you have the correct room number. Then, provide this information to your florist, who can assist you in ensuring that your gift arrives at the hospital promptly and smoothly. Many local florists like Perro’s offer regular flower deliveries to nearby hospitals and can provide valuable assistance in this regard.

The Positive Effects of Sending Flowers

Sending flowers to someone in the hospital can have a profound effect on their emotional well-being, helping to lift their mood and improve their outlook. Studies have shown that flowers can have a more significant impact on patients’ spirits than other types of gifts. When you choose to send flowers, you’re conveying a message of love and care that can bring a touch of sunshine to your loved one’s hospital room.

At Perro’s Flowers, we offer a wide selection of beautiful, low-pollen blooms that are perfect for hospital deliveries. Let us help you choose the perfect arrangement to express your heartfelt wishes for a quick recovery. With our prompt and professional delivery service, your bouquet will arrive with a smile, brightening your loved one’s day and letting them know that you’re there for them.